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Klean Gutter Guards Offer State-of-the-Art Protection for Homeowners in the Greater Richmond, VA, Area

There are many ways to protect the gutters on your home, but most gutter guards aren’t perfect. Some debris will inevitably slip through the cracks and, if left unchecked for a while, gradually form a clog. And since you invested in gutter protection so you wouldn’t have to go up on a ladder and clean out your house gutters again, you likely won’t be happy when this happens.
Luckily, Exterior Source of Central Virginia installs some of the best gutter protection systems on the market for homeowners in the Greater Richmond, Virginia, area. That includes Klean Gutter, a micro-mesh gutter guard that’s been engineered to solve many problems traditional gutter covers face.




What Sets Klean Gutter Apart?

Klean Gutter protection systems use innovative engineering to force water into the gutter trough while completely preventing any kind of debris buildup from forming in or on the gutter. How? They follow the principle of the Higginbotham ratio for micro-mesh engineering. This means they are made with a mesh pattern intricately woven to keep even the smallest bits of debris out, and that they’re pitched at the same angle as the roof to send all of that debris falling to the ground. The mesh is also designed to naturally force water directly into the gutter and create a fast water flow.
Many traditional gutter covers are made of a mix of metals and plastics, which will eventually be damaged as these materials expand and contract at different rates when the temperature fluctuates. But with 100% metal construction, Klean Gutter systems will not warp or break down over time

Keep Your Gutters “Klean”

With 75% more filtering area than most gutter covers, installation methods that won’t void manufacturer warranties for your roofing systems, and plenty of shapes and sizes to choose from, Klean Gutter systems are a great option for virtually any home in the Greater Richmond area.

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